Method: Displays a subscription cancellation dialog box when the user clicks on the “Deactivate License” link on the “Account” page or deactivates a plugin and there’s an active subscription that is either associated with a non-lifetime single-site license or non-lifetime multisite license that is only activated on a single production site.

Source: includes/pum-sdk/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php:11029

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Method: Calculates and stores the product’s name. This helper function was created specifically for get_plugin_name() just to make the code clearer.

Source: includes/pum-sdk/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php:8891

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Method: Set the basename of the current product and hook _activate_plugin_event_hook() to the activation action.

Source: includes/pum-sdk/freemius/includes/class-freemius.php:8584

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