Warning: This function has been deprecated.


Theme Container Metabox

Description Description

Extensions (as well as the core plugin) can add items to the theme container configuration metabox via the popmake_popup_theme_container_meta_box_fields action.

Source Source

File: includes/functions-deprecated.php

function popmake_render_popup_theme_container_meta_box() {
	if ( ! has_action( 'popmake_popup_theme_container_meta_box_fields' ) ) {

	global $post; ?>
	<div id="popmake_popup_theme_container_fields" class="popmake_meta_table_wrap">
	<table class="form-table">
		<?php do_action( 'popmake_popup_theme_container_meta_box_fields', $post->ID ); ?>

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.8.0 This function has been deprecated.
1.0 Introduced.

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