PUM_Modules_Menu::settings( $settings )

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File: includes/modules/menus.php

	public static function settings( $settings ) {
		return array_merge( $settings, array(
			'disabled_menu_editor' => array(
				'id'   => 'disabled_menu_editor',
				'name' => __( 'Disable Popups Menu Editor', 'popup-maker' ),
				'desc' => sprintf(
					esc_html_x( 'Use this if there is a conflict with your theme or another plugin in the nav menu editor. %sLearn more%s', '%s represent opening and closing link html', 'popup-maker' ),
					'<a href="https://docs.wppopupmaker.com/article/297-popup-maker-is-overwriting-my-menu-editor-functions-how-can-i-fix-this?utm_campaign=contextual-help&utm_medium=inline-doclink&utm_source=settings-page&utm_content=disable-popup-menu-editor" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">',
				'type' => 'checkbox',

		) );

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