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File: classes/Admin/Themes.php

	public static function render_preview_meta_box() {
		global $post;

		$theme = pum_get_theme( $post->ID );

		$deprecated_atb_enabled = class_exists( 'PUM_ATB' ) && ! pum_extension_enabled( 'advanced-theme-builder' );

		// Remove this div after PUM ATC updated properly
		if ( $deprecated_atb_enabled ) {
			echo '<div id="PopMake-Preview">';


		<div class="pum-theme-preview">
			<div class="pum-popup-overlay <?php echo $deprecated_atb_enabled ? 'example-popup-overlay' : '';?>"></div>
			<div class="pum-popup-container <?php echo $deprecated_atb_enabled ? 'example-popup' : '';?>">
				<div class="pum-popup-title"><?php _e( 'Title Text', 'popup-maker' ); ?></div>
				<div class="pum-popup-content">
					<?php echo apply_filters( 'pum_example_popup_content', '<p>Suspendisse ipsum eros, tincidunt sed commodo ut, viverra vitae ipsum. Etiam non porta neque. Pellentesque nulla elit, aliquam in ullamcorper at, bibendum sed eros. Morbi non sapien tellus, ac vestibulum eros. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nulla vestibulum, diam vel porttitor placerat, eros tortor ultrices lectus, eget faucibus arcu justo eget massa. Maecenas id tellus vitae justo posuere hendrerit aliquet ut dolor.</p>' ); ?>
				<button type="button" class="pum-popup-close <?php echo $deprecated_atb_enabled ? 'close-popup' : '';?>" aria-label="<?php _e( 'Close', 'popup-maker' ); ?>">
					<?php echo $theme->get_setting( 'close_text', '&#215;' ); ?>
			<p class="pum-desc"><?php
				$tips = array(
					__( 'If you move this theme preview to the bottom of your sidebar here it will follow you down the page?', 'popup-maker' ),
					__( 'Clicking on an element in this theme preview will take you to its relevant settings in the editor?', 'popup-maker' ),
				$key  = array_rand( $tips, 1 ); ?>
				<i class="dashicons dashicons-info"></i> <?php echo '<strong>' . __( 'Did you know:', 'popup-maker' ) . '</strong>  ' . $tips[ $key ]; ?>

		// Remove this div after PUM ATC updated properly
		if ( $deprecated_atb_enabled ) {
			echo '</div>';

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